70 Gurnata Bil-Bajd

Plaster, 2 m x 2 m


The starting point for this work was the theme of parade, which I was to investigate. By taking two common elements found in the traditional parade, repetition and uniformity, I started to look for things which look the same. I finally settled on the ‘egg’ to work with for several reasons, a few being its shape, its colour, fragility, and also the way people handle eggs.

To investigate the theme of parade, I also started exploring the idea of ritual. This was done by producing plaster eggs every chance I get, carrying the latex mould and plaster with me everywhere. I was also recording this process into a diary.

Eventually I exhibited these 650 plaster eggs in a place where I knew that they will be blocking the way of a heavily accessed corridor. The intention was to stop a parade, that of the people who pass from the corridor with something as fragile as an egg. Video footage was recorded as people found the eggs blocking their path, and how eventually they made their own path through them.