Around the Block

Silk Screen, 35 x 50 cm, 20 x 35 cm


A place is much more than its physical construction.

These series of works attempt to investigate a specific place on a new level, based on my own experience and navigation of it. The main focus was on the surroundings of a selected familiar location which I interact with on a daily basis. Upon constant recording of this location,  I started to become actively aware of various things which previously went unnoticed. Through lengthy documentation methods of different features of these surroundings, a new awareness of them is gained which changed their value. This allowed them to gain the status of landmarks in the immediate location, and become part of my own complete experience of the place. Some of these works present an exact record of these surroundings, while others present a rearranged version creating a conversation within the features themselves.


This work was awarded first prize in Divergent Thinkers 05.