Mohbija (Investigating Subtlety)

Thread and latex, 2m x 3m

This site-specific installation is made from thread and black latex, and it only becomes visible when being a few inches away. The thread was tied to the trees and tightened until they were quite taught, creating tension. The thread was dipped in black latex, and thus can withstand quite a lot. 

The location chosen was among trees in the Għarusa tal-Mosta Gardens. This spot was chosen as it is a place where technically there are no man-made objects. I wanted the environment to be bare, yet not clinical. Enough things to hide the thread, yet still visible. It is a constant play on delayed perception since its presence is not immediately obvious. It takes a little time until the viewer realizes the extent of the installation and how far it reaches out. This work is a reflection upon several topics, ranging from claustrophobia, social boundaries and their fragility, the idea of protection, entrapment and illusion.

Photography by Daniela Aguis.