Green 5

Transparent Acrylic, soil and plants, 3 x 2m


This project intended to bring to light the science and technology in our lives, juxtaposed against the natural environment. The main focus was that while technology and science are bettering our life, making it easier and more luxurious, we’ve been pushed further away from the environment.

This project is by no means a way to create environmental awareness, but simply a highlight to the fact that we are collectively losing our consciousness which is tied to the natural world. The advancements made through science and technology are escalating to a point were we’re becoming so self absorbed in our technological world, that we cannot even notice this schism.

This seating presents the viewer with a piece of the local environment from around the islands, maintained by means of self-watering mechanism. By presenting the viewer with a piece of furniture, and inviting him to use it, he is purposely made aware of the flora within it. However due to the outside container he will never make direct contact with it, also hinting that for nature to thrive, human contact must be avoided.