Follow Me All The Way

(Pencil on Japanese paper, 2017)

This project was one directly tied with my stay in Tokyo. I was mapping my journeys through the different city wards of Tokyo, which were later translated into drawings. These drawings were divided into two separate series. The first series were composed of mapping directly following the roads, which were composed of my recorded journeys which were on foot. These were my initial visits to the stations before I learned how to use the bus systems, as I found them more difficult to get used to than the trains. The second series was composed of recordings made through an app on my mobile phone. This allowed me to record the specific point were I was at, every twenty minutes. Through this I mapped the complete distances travelled, while the different points depending on how close they are together, provide an idea of time spent in specific places. To further allow me to map my place on the map, I was also taking photographs. This served two main purposes; one to allow me to place a marker on the map, and another also to have the pictorial information.