Irrid Nara (Investigating Sensationalism)

This work is a 12 minute video piece which was filmed at Valletta City Gate. The main idea for its conception is derived from the boundary like structures which are built around the construction site in the capital city. It does not only keep people out, but also does not allow anyone to see what’s behind it. This inability to see became the main focus for this project. Curiosity is instilled in the passers by, who try to see what’s on the other side and what’s taking place. The artist’s performance is the catalyst for such curiosity. A loop is created where everyone want’s to see, the artist, the passers by, and the viewer who is watching the video.

The video is made up of two separate sources of footage, one obtained from under the wooden construction, and the other is the filming of myself. These two were edited to be displayed matching the exact time, thus giving the viewer two point of views at the same time. The spy camera used for the footage from under the boards was attached to a cable controlled toy car. This footage contains nothing new or surprising. It is the anti-climax of the video, the bitter sweet end, where although everyone got what he wanted and is seeing what is happening, it is not at all satisfying.

The writing ‘Irrid Nara!’ (translation: ‘I want to see!’ is not just the title of the piece, but also the constant action going on, by myself and the people in the video, as well as by the person who is watching the video piece.